Tax Packages

2017 Accountess Bookkeeping Tax Checklist

Student & Senior Tax Return $45.00 

Students that are currently in school ( T2202A forms )

Seniors with basic CPP/OAS income (does not include investments, charitable donations, medical or income splitting)


Basic Personal Tax Return $75.00 

Personal tax return – max 5 info slips (T3, T4, T5)

Seniors who do not fit into the Senior Tax Return with investments, medical, income splitting and charitable donations

* Maximum two week completion time for filing tax return


Regular Tax Return $85.00

One meeting included in person or by phone

Review of prior years tax return

Regular tax return with up to 10 information slips

Charitable Donations

Union Dues

RRSP income / contributions

Student Loan Interest

Child Care Expenses

Pension Income Splitting

Medical Receipts

UCCB (Child Benefit)

Tuition & Education Amounts

Support Payments

Amount for Eligible Dependent

*Add partner for $45.00

*Maximum two week completion time for tax return(s)


Supported Tax Return $220.00

T1 Adjustments to make adjustments to prior year tax return(s)

CRA Support for pre and post assessment reviews 

Ongoing support/advice throughout the year at no additional cost

CRA Audit representation includes written, phone or in office audit

*Maximum four day completion time for tax return


Self Employed T2125 Tax Return $250.00

Review expenses and advice on maximizing tax deductions and missed expenses

Prepare T2125 Schedule, including mileage and business use of home expenses

You must provide totals/financial statements for each expense category. Alternately we are happy to prepare your financial statements 


Incorporated Company T2 Tax Return $300.00 and up

Incorporated Tax Returns are complex based on your specific business structure and accounting systems. All T2 Tax returns are based on personal consultation.

GST/HST Return $85.00

Calculation of GST/HST Remittance or refund based on completion of T2125 schedule

Electronic filing with CRA



T1 Adjusment $25.00

Adjustments for current or prior tax year, including missed slips or changes to tax or marital situation

NOA Copy $15.00

Reprint of NOA from CRA website for current or prior years

Pre or Post NOA Review $95.00

You receive a letter from CRA to substantiate your tax credits

We prepare a written replay and provide the necessary information that CRA has requested on your behalf

We follow up as required and submit any necessary backup

*Tax Packages do not  include post assessment review, or audit support with CRA, excluding the supported tax return


*Prepare for your Tax Return with our Tax Checklist

2017 Accountess Bookkeeping Tax Checklist