Tax Returns for Personal, Small Business, or Corporate Income Taxes.

Never miss another Allowable Tax Deduction!

Let the tax professionals at Accountess Bookkeeping help you to understand the complex nature of income tax compliance and educate you on how to maximize your tax deductions and minimize your tax liability. Ensuring that you capture every allowable tax credit available to you.

Canada Revenue Agency has recently stepped up the efforts to enhance tax compliance for individuals and small business owners. Resulting in random audits of personal and small business tax returns.

We can ensure that you tax returns are filed :

  • Accurately
  • On Time
  • Maximizing Allowing Deductions
  • Minimizing Tax Liability
  • Claim all Tax Credits & Benefits
  • Pre & Post Assessment Review


+ Are you years behind in filing your tax returns ?

+ Are you afraid that you will owe money to CRA ?

+ Are you worried about penalties and interest ?

+ Are you missing T4s and slips ?

We can help to alleviate your worries, file your taxes and work with CRA on your behalf as part of the Voluntary Disclosure Program.  

Many of the clients that we have helped are shocked that once their back taxes are filed and allowable tax deductions, credits and benefits are determined. They actually owe little or no money to CRA and in some cases actually receive a refund and back payments from credits and benefits.