OMG…. We Are Live….

I have tried to create a WordPress Website in the past and it was an epic fail and it ended up in WordPress waste land. The creative juices were flowing and so was the “Cuppa Joe” or 10, but who was counting. Oh ya, my husband was when he kept checking in on me in my office to see if I was coming to bed. And then I saw the daylight.

 I had to pull of an all nighter, with my pug, named Langer curled up behind me on my office chair. (can you picture it)  But, I did it. I created my very first, nice looking “in my opinion” WordPress Website and I am thoroughly pleased with myself. I knew that WordPress Absolute Beginner’s Guide would come in handy some time. It was getting kinda dusty sitting on a shelf in my office. 

Check it out folks. I would love your feedback.  🙂